December 11, 2023

This Week in Amateur Radio

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Amateur radio enthusiasts ham it up in Milford (Connecticut)

When Edwin Rhodes and John Barrett met a few years ago, they knew instantly they were on the same frequency. The two amateur radio enthusiasts soon formed a club that has grown into something more like a family.

The pair formed the Woodmont Amateur Radio Association nearly a decade ago. The club spends its time focusing on members’ passion for broadcasting, in addition to remaining ready for any breakdown of communication that may come down the road.

“After we created the club, we started getting members, started doing things, and started assisting in public service events,” said Barrett. “The universal thing is people looking for someone to help teach them or to share what they know or to have good comradery with people you feel comfortable with.”

For the duo, this club was created to be a welcoming place for amateur radio operators, referred to as hams. According to amateur radio lore, the term came from a telegraph operator pejorative, where someone who is unskilled is referred to as being “ham-handed.”

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