January 31, 2023

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Via Southgate: Ham Radio for Papua New Guinea

On the GoGetFunding site Roly ZL1BQD describes his aim of getting new people licensed as amateur radio operators in the many nations in the Pacific region that have few or no radio amateurs

Roly writes:

“Many of you know, I do a lot of travelling throughout the Pacific Islands fixing/maintaining FM Broadcast Stations, a lot of them are Mission type stations but there are a fair number of Commercial stations in the mix as well.

While i am at an Island location I also operate a “one man DXpedition” in my spare time, of which there is an abundance !! To date i have activated 28 different countries over 35 DXpeditions.

So, to the project. It has long been my ambition to train up one or two Indigenous people in the countries I visit and try to get them through a Ham Radio licence. In many of these locations they would be the first and only Indigenous person to hold a Ham Radio licence.”

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