December 1, 2023

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Portugal (National flag Flag of the Azores)

Via Southgate: Portugal takes action against illegal communications equipment

Portugal’s communications regulator ANACOM reports it inspected 26 vessels with the Maritime Police

A translation of the ANACOM post reads:

ANACOM carried out, during May 2022, together with the National Maritime Authority (Maritime Police) and, in some cases, the Authority for Working Conditions (ACT), various inspection actions on vessels. In total, ANACOM supervised 26 vessels, including fishing grounds and tourist vessels.

On 26 and 27 May, the actions involved the three authorities and took place in the fishing ports of Nazaré and Peniche, and the legality of the means of communication installed on board six coastal fishing vessels (two in Nazaré and four in Peniche) was verified. The radio stations were installed and operating in accordance with the legislation in force.

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