June 28, 2022

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Via Southgate: Iceland: Renewal of 50 MHz authorizations

National amateur radio society IRA reports on the renewal of special authorization to use 50 MHz

A translation of the post by Iceland’s IRA reads:

It is pointed out that it is important that licensees who are interested in telecommunications at increased power in the 50 MHz frequency range (6 meters) this summer, send a request to that effect to Fjarskiptastofa before transmissions begin. If permission was obtained last year (2021), it is not valid this year.

Licensees must apply separately for an authorization from FST in the same way as, for example, the 70 MHz frequency band has been used. Postal address: hrh (at) fjarskiptastofa.is It should be specified that an application is made for increased power at 50 MHz.

The premise of this is that ÍRA received a positive response from Fjarskiptastofa on 13 May to the organisations request for renewal of increased licenses on the 6-meter band, and the agency grants Icelandic licensees increased power licenses in the 50-50.5 MHz frequency range from 1 June 2022 for 4 months or until September 31st. Full licensees are allowed to use up to 1kW and Novice licensees up to 100W.

It is very gratifying that the validity of the authorization is for longer this year than last year.

Board of IRA.

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