April 13, 2024

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Sable Island

Via Southgate: Sable Island DXpedition news

Sable Island DXpedition news

Murray, WA4DAN, reports the following:
Here is the latest update on the 2022 Sable Island CY0S DXpedition:
Planning continues to go well for the October/November 2022 CY0S DXpedition.

The following are the assignments for the team members:
Team Leader: Murray WA4DAN
Operations Manager: Dan W4DKS
IT Managers: Jay K4ZLE and Bill K5DHY
Operator Schedules: Lou N2TU
Team Doctors: Glenn W0GJ and San K5YY
Antenna Design: Bob K4UEE and Dan W4DKS
Transport to Halifax, NS: Pat N2IEN
Webmaster: Chaz W4GKF
Transport Partners to Sable Island: Sable Aviation and Vision Air Services

This week the team submitted to the ARRL DXCC Desk the Parks Canada approval documents. The team is hoping to have the exact dates for the DXpedition before the end of June.

The fundraising continues to go well and the team is very appreciative of the worldwide support. Thank you!

73, Murray WA4DAN
2022 Sable Island CY0S DXpedition

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