June 28, 2022

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Washington State

Via Southgate: Ham radio to the rescue (Washington State)

Forks Forum reports May 23rd could have turned into an emergency, but thanks to ham radio, Joe Wright KG7JWW, other amateur radio operators, and Ted Rasmussen, it turned out just fine

A friend and I went out to lake Wentworth to test out our new boats. When we got down there, my Suzuki Sidekick was making horrible noises. We started checking things. Low and behold, I forgot to check the oil before leaving, and it was dangerously low, not even a drop on the dipstick.

We had zero cell service, and I knew my SUV wouldn’t make it back to town without seizing the engine. I called on the radio for assistance, and KE7FFX answered. I asked for a “phone relay” and gave him the phone number and message to call Heather M Lewis and have Jacob get on the radio. He was very helpful, at first she didn’t answer and he left a voice mail. He even “stood by” on the radio the entire time.

After a little wait, Joe Wright came on the radio and helped get ahold of Heather for us. Eventually, I heard my lil man throw his call sign out “KY7HAM CQ, CQ, CQ”, Joe answered him “KY7HAM this is KG7JWW, I believe your dad needs assistance and requested you contact him on the radio.”

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