November 29, 2023

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Bruce County man leads ‘Ham Radio’ youth movement (Ontario)

“Poppa, Charlie, Poppa” rings out inside Rob Noakes’ home in the hamlet of Inverhuron, near Kincardine. He’s been a Ham Radio operator for more than 30 years and knows exactly what the perception of his hobby is.

“There’s an image of Ham Radio operators, as a bunch of old guys sitting in a dark room, talking on a radio. We’re trying to change that perception,” said Noakes, who runs the Inverhuron Ham Radio Club.

Through his own remote Ham Radio station, Noakes has started an international youth movement in his hobby.

He recently gave his station over to 11 youngsters, seven young ladies, and four young men, from as far away as Serbia and Switzerland, to operate remotely. Among them, is Raisa Skrynnikova from St. Petersburg, Russia.

“In our hobby, mostly it’s men, but I do not agree with this position. This hobby is wonderful for women, too,” Skrynnikova said.

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