June 28, 2022

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Solar Flare Causes Radio Blackouts In Parts Of Asia And Australia, Sun To Remain Active This Week

A radio blackout was caused over the areas of Asia and Australia by a solar flare on Sunday, according to spaceweather.com. Solar activities are ramping up day by day after a geomagnetic storm hit Earth on Thursday (April 14), the Spaceweather.com further said.

According to American space agency NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), solar activity includes flares, coronal mass ejections, high-speed solar wind, and solar energetic particles. The solar magnetic field is the driving force behind all solar activity.

The spaceweather.com report said that a significant shortwave radio blackout occurred throughout Southeast Asia and Australia on April 17, as a result of an X-ray pulse from the flare: At frequencies below 30 MHz. It further said that mariners, aviators, and amateur radio operators may have noted peculiar propagation effects.

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