December 1, 2022

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Germany’s ham radio society hit by cyber attack

The national society for German radio amateurs, DARC, was hit by a cyber attack on January 15. As of January 20 their website was still down

In a post the DARC say:

On 15.01.2022 the homepage of the DARC became the target of a cyber attack. The attack exploited a security vulnerability in a plugin in a WordPress installation. On 17.01.2022 the attack spread to the main pages of our association. The attack was detected on 17.01.2022 and then promptly stopped and repelled. At 22:00 on the same day, the homepage from Friday’s backup could be put back online.

Our provider analyzed the traffic for the affected period and said that he could not detect any abnormalities, so a data leak can not be assumed.

We therefore assume that the – presumably automated – attack was only aimed at redirecting to Russian websites and not spying on member data. The member data is stored in folders separate from the website. Complete bank details or other sensitive information are not included in this data, as the bank details stored for the purposes of assignment are only stored in abbreviated form. The login passwords of the members are stored encrypted.

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