August 19, 2022

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Germany’s DARC talks to members about ham radio’s future

On Monday, January 3, the board of directors of Germany’s DARC were joined by 140 members online for a discussion about the ‘future of amateur radio’

A translation of the DARC post reads:

On Monday, January 3rd, the board of directors invited members to a discussion about the “future of amateur radio” on DARC’s own server

140 members gladly accepted this offer and from 7 pm got in direct contact with DARC Chair Christian Entsfellner, DL3MBG; Ernst Steinhauser, DL3GBE, and Ronny Jerke, DG2RON. “We have clearly shown how the board of directors envisions the future of amateur radio and have received a lot of positive feedback. We consider it a great success that so many members accepted our invitation, ”said DL3GBE, pleased with the positive response.

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