January 24, 2022

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S21A becomes silent key

IT WAS sometime in 1990. I was standing in front of the central library of the University of Dhaka, holding a sheet of paper. It was the photocopy of the overlay of a computer keyboard then employed to write Bangla.

He was the founding vice-president of the Bangladesh Computer Samity, the trade association of computer and accessories vendors that was founded in 1987. Yet, he also had a distinction known to a limited number of people. He was the first ham radio operator in Bangladesh. Along with a few others, he founded the Bangladesh Amateur Radio League on May 2, 1979 as its president. The organisation earned the membership of the International Amateur Radio Union in 1982. He along with his fellows could start amateur radio in Bangladesh in April 1992 and he was issued with the first ham call sign of Bangladesh — S21A — sierra–two–one–alpha. He already had one, when he lived in the United Kingdom, G1NWJ, and he had another, after his migration to the United States, KF6WJZ.

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