August 19, 2022

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Via the ARRL: EASAT-2 and Hades Satellites with FM Repeaters Scheduled for Launch

The EASAT-2 and Hades satellites are scheduled to launch on January 13 on a SpaceX TR-3 flight, AMSAT has reported, citing information provided by AMSAT-EA President and Mission Manager Felix Paez. Both will carry amateur radio payloads offering FM voice and data retransmission in FSK or AFSK up to 2,400 bps, and Hades is equipped for slow-scan television (SSTV) and FM voice beacons with call signs AM5SAT (EASAT-2) and AM6SAT (Hades).

Paez has called on the amateur radio community to listen for both satellites when they are activated. In the case of EASAT-2, that will be about 30 minutes after launch (1525 UTC). Hades will be activated remotely a few days after launch. Share reception reports with AMSAT-EA.

EASAT-2 was designed and built by AMSAT-EA and students from the European University of Degrees in Aerospace Engineering in Aircraft and in Telecommunication Systems Engineering. It carries an experimental load of a basalt material from Lanzarote that is similar to lunar basalts. It’s believed that this material, which was provided by the CSIC research group on meteorites and planetary geosciences at the Institute of Geosciences, could be used as a lunar construction material.

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