April 12, 2024

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via the RSGB: RSGB and ARRL announce winners of Transatlantic Centenary Cups

The Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB) and the ARRL – The National Association for Amateur Radio – have announced winners of the 160-Meter Transatlantic Centenary QSO Party.

The 12 December on-air event commemorated the 100th anniversary of the successful second Transatlantic Tests which contributed to the dawn of international amateur radio communication.

Participating stations operating on CW attempted to contact the two official call sign activations, W1AW from the Hiram P. Maxim Memorial Station in Connecticut, and GB2ZE, activated by a team of stations in Scotland. GB2ZE recalls and commemorates the call sign of Paul Godley, 2ZE, whom ARRL sent to Scotland to be on the receiving end of the tests in 1921.

The GMDX Group of Scotland announced that it would award a quaich — a traditional Scottish drinking cup representing friendship — to the first stations in North America and the UK, including the Crown Dependencies, to complete contacts with both W1AW and GB2ZE during the QSO Party.

The cup winners are Rick Niswander, K7GM and Bob Barden, MD0CCE.

Logs from those taking part in the six-hour event included 496 contacts, 261 from W1AW. Each participant recorded in the official W1AW and/or GB2ZE logs is eligible for a commemorative certificate designed by ARRL and the RSGB. Participants do not have to submit their logs.

During the event, W1AW enjoyed a visit from Bruce Godley Littlefield, Paul Godley’s grandson. Littlefield presented ARRL CEO David Minster, NA2AA, with a full-size gallery-quality copy of the resolution awarded to his grandfather by ARRL, dated 17 February 1922.