June 25, 2022

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Via the ARRL: Polish Radio Amateur Ordered to Stop Using Falkland Islands Identifier from Antarctica

The Falkland Islands Communications Regulator has directed Polish radio amateur Sebastian Gleich, SQ1SGB, to cease his ham radio operation from Antarctica’s Halley VI Research Station on the Brunt Ice Shelf, OpenFalklands reported. Apparently following up on a complaint, the Falkland Islands regulator ordered Gleich to stop all operations as “VP8SGB.” He has been identifying as VP8/SQ1SGB, in accordance with accepted practice, and it’s unclear whether the complainant or the regulator conflated the identifier and call sign.

Gleich’s use of the VP8 identifier for his operation from the British Antarctic Territory (BAT) appears to have been an issue, however, because VP8 still can designate an operation from the Falkland Islands. The regulator may have been unfamiliar with recent changes — not yet fully formalized — that would establish VP0 as the proper identifier for such an operation as Gleich’s.

consultation (proceeding) now in play would permit the issuance of amateur radio licenses in the BAT. The proposal followed several months of protracted negotiations involving the UK communications regulator Ofcom, the Falkland Islands Communications Regulator, and the governments of the South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands (SGSSI) and BAT.

The proceeding proposes to apply the new prefix of VP0 to BAT stations, with the existing VP8 prefix then applying exclusively to the Falkland Islands. The proposal calls for the Falkland Islands Communications Regulator to administer these licenses.

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