April 12, 2024

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Brazil’s radio hams meet with regulator ANATEL

LABRE met with ANATEL on November 18 to discuss changes in the legislation governing the Amateur Radio Service in Brazil, specifically the revision of Resolution 449/2006

A translation of the LABRE post reads:

The Agency updated LABRE on the internal progress of the review, which is currently considered with the Board of Directors. Soon the entire regulatory framework governing the various telecommunications services will be consolidated within a single resolution, called “General Regulation of Telecommunications Services” or RGST.

LABRE is committed to modernizing the rules governing our service, especially the content of the tests, since we were informed more than a year ago that Telegraphy will no longer be charged as a criterion for class ascension due to the alignment of Brazilian legislation to the recommendations of the ITU and what is practiced in other countries.

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