April 12, 2024

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via the RSGB: Volunteers needed to investigate interference problems

Most of you will have experienced RF interference problems of one sort or another over the years. Many will have noticed that the incidence and intensity has increased. In this world of advanced digital technology and increasing wireless connectivity, the probability of interference is high and increasing rapidly.

This is giving rise to an ever-increasing pollution of the radio spectrum which is threatening all wireless communication. To counter these problems, we need to make the relevant authorities aware by taking measurements and surveying any available documents and reports. We are looking for volunteers who can help us with this work.

The RSGB EMC Committee has four main functions.

  1. To give members personal advice when EMC issues arise
  2. Preparation of online leaflets and advice on ‘EMC Matters’ to help members
  3. To keep an eye on emerging technologies and to investigate any potential threat to the amateur bands. Once a problem is identified tests can be carried out to ascertain the severity of the problem
  4. The less visible but equally important task of lobbying the regulators and influencing the standards bodies to ensure the views of radio spectrum users are factored in at an early stage

With a growing amount of work, we are seeking volunteers from within the membership to assist the EMC Committee in its work.

We currently meet formally bi-monthly (online) and the level of commitment outside of our formal meetings can be as much or as little as suits you. Deep technical knowledge or experience of EMC work is not necessary, but ideally candidates should have a good understanding of radio.

If you would like to help, please contact emc.chairman@rsgb.org.uk