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This Week in Amateur Radio

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PODCAST: This Week in Amateur Radio Edition #1184

Release Date: November 6, 2021

Here is a summary of the news trending This Week in Amateur Radio. This week’s edition is anchored by Terry Saunders, N1KIN, Dave Wilson, WA2HOY, Don Hulick, K2ATJ, Fred Fitte, NF2F, Eric Zittel, KD2RJX, Will Rogers, K5WLR, George BOwen, W2XBS, and Jessica Bowen, KC2VWX.

Produced and edited by George Bowen, W2XBS.

Running Time: 1:44:58

Podcast Download: https://bit.ly/TWIAR1184

Trending headlines in this week’s bulletin service:

  1. 3M Issues A Stop Use and Inspection Notice For Self-Retracting Lifeline With Anchor Hook
  2. ARRL November Sweepstakes VY1AAA Operation Is On For 2021
  3. ARISS Receives Generous ARDC Grant For ARISS STEREO Education Project
  4. Microsoft Reverses Its Decision To Omit Hot Reload In Dot NET 6
  5. ASRTU-1 CubeSat with V/u FM Transponder Submitted for IARU Coordination
  6. Broadcaster In Ham Radio 40 Meter Band / Russia-Ukraine “Radio War” Trying Patience of IARU Region 1
  7. Amateur Radio Emergency Service and SKYWARN Respond To Major Nor’easter
  8. Upcoming ARRL Learning Network Webinars
  9. Effort Continues In IARU Region 1 To Address Co-existence Of Ham Radio and Navigation Satellites
  10. Crozet Islands DXpedition On The Far Horizon
  11. Job Openings at ARRL Headquarters / The 2022 ARRL Handbook for Radio Communications Is Now Available
  12. National Traffic Safety Board Continues Investigation Into Small Plane Crash That Killed A Popular DX Amateur
  13. New Webinar From India Explores The Role Radio Plays In Disasters
  14. Proposed New System Will Eliminate RFI For Navigation Systems Worldwide
  15. New Museum In Poland To Honor An Historic High Power World War II Telegraphy Station
  16. Balloons Carrying Amateur Radio Fry High Over South Africa
  17. British Regulator Is Seeking Comments On Proposed New British Territory Prefix
  18. NASA shuts down instrumentation on the Hubble Space Telescope
  19. 3YOJ Bouvet Island DXpedition reaches point of making first down payment on transportation to the island
  20. International Amateur Radio Union Region One files complaints on RFI causing Solar Voltaics
  21. Crocodile Rock Radio Club hosting its 100 year celebration special event station
  22. Ofcom and RSGB agree on two meter NoV for requested band expansion
  23. RSGB/Youth On The Air special event GB21 event
  24. CQ-DATV Amateur Television magazine publishes its 100th and final edition

Plus these Special Features This Week:

  • Technology News and Commentary with Leo Laporte, W6TWT, will talk about all the benefits we are seeing in working from home. And, he will talk about how most scientists are saying Moore’s Law is nowhere near ending..
  • Working Amateur Radio Satellites with Bruce Paige, KK5DO – AMSAT Satellite News
  • Tower Climbing and Antenna Safety w/Greg Stoddard KF9MP, will tell us about making antenna mounting hardware from scraps.
  • Foundations of Amateur Radio with Onno Benschop VK6FLAB, will talk about “The Ripple Effect Of Making Change”
  • Weekly Propagation Forecast from the ARRL
  • Bill Continelli, W2XOY – The History of Amateur Radio. Bill returns with another edition of The Ancient Amateur Archives, this week, Bill takes us back to November 15, 1945 – The day amateurs returned to the air after a three year prohibition, and will look at how long it took for the military to vacate the ham bands, and how once hams got back on the air, they discovered something called TVI.
  • Rain HamCast: We will have a great commentary entitled “That’s Not Real Ham Radio!” by Chris Rolinson – G7DDN

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