May 27, 2024

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Hurricane Ida

Ham radio operators make a difference in disaster, ready if called for Ida (Oklahoma)

Many in Louisiana are still without power and cell service following Hurricane Ida.

But one form of communication that’s been helping folks for decades, ham radio, is still able to make those vital calls.

Ham radio isn’t reliant on WiFi or cell service. Just devoted operators.

Paul Teel, an emergency coordinator for Tulsa County and part of the Tulsa Amateur Radio Club, said when he checked Monday more than half the state of Louisiana was without cell signal.

Thankfully, by Tuesday around 80 percent had signal, but it’s a tricky situation without power to charge those critical devices.

“When somebody hears, ‘Hey, they’re ok and they made it through the storm,’ it’s a sense of relief and it’s great that we’re able to participate in that,” Teel said.

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