July 13, 2024

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CUAVA-1 launches for deployment from International Space Station (Australia)

A satellite designed and built in Sydney is helping pave the way for Australia’s scientific and commercial space industry. Mission leader Professor Iver Cairns is Director of CUAVA.

CUAVA-1, an Australian designed and built spacecraft, has successfully launched onboard a Space-X Falcon 9 SpX-23 rocket this from the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral, Florida.

It is only the ninth Australian built satellite to be sent into orbit.

A lead project of the Australian Research Council Training Centre for CubeSats, Uncrewed Aerial Vehicles and their Applications (CUAVA) based at the University of Sydney, this first mission is one of many expected to help pave the way for the development of a sustained commercial and scientific space industry in NSW and Australia. 

CUAVA-1 carries four experimental payloads intended to give scientists and research students fresh insights from near-Earth orbit during its 12-month mission.

CUAVA-1 has been sent to the International Space Station for deployment into orbit about 400 kilometres above Earth, expected later this year. 

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