February 24, 2024

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Ham radios lead to a crazy coincidence and a unique Little League World Series friendship (Pennsylvania)

Williamsport, Pa. — Baseball is America’s pastime, passed down from generation to generation. It’s young and old, together. No place is this more apparent that at the Little League World Series, where for more than 70 years, people of all ages have come from far and wide to enjoy baseball in its purest form.

But in all that time, there’s never been a story like this.

Last year, Nolensville, Tennessee, with 12-year-old Blake Pearson, felt they had a strong team and carried hopes of making it all the way to Williamsport. Then Covid hit and spoiled those dreams. With no baseball to play, and while sitting home, fooling around with a family hobby, Blake, and his younger brother, Ryan, made a connection that would prove prophetic.

Let’s backtrack a little bit…

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