May 27, 2024

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Call for Internal Review over Ofcom’s handling of FoI

Ofcom were asked the date when they changed published policy on re-issuing Amateur Radio call signs but their answer was unsatisfactory and an internal review has been requested

Ofcom were originally asked:

– Please list the Date when Ofcom changed published policy on re-issuing Amateur radio call signs.

– Previously the RA, then Ofcom would only permit a previously issued call sign to be given to another amateur or a club, with written permission from the previous holder or the Previous holders Family. This was Policy for a number of years

Ofcom replied:

“We are unaware that Ofcom has ever applied a policy that a radio station call sign may be assigned only with the consent of another party.”

Ofcom’s reply was surprising since their own website contained a policy statement dated May 31, 2006, regarding transfer of call signs, this policy can be seen at

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