April 23, 2021

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US broadcaster KHTS issues apology after Ham Radio / CB confusion


Broadcaster KHTS published a news item which confused Amateur Radio with CB radio, they have since apologized

The article was titled “Why CB Radio Is Still Popular In Some Circles” but much of it described Amateur Radio operation, the author didn’t appear to realize there was any difference between the two.

KHTS were informed of their error and published an apology on their website which reads:

KHTS Editors Note: The author of this article has mistaken the term “CB Radio” with “Ham Radio.” There are big differences between the two: Ham Radio is a nickname for “Amateur Radio”, a radio service governed by the FCC. CB Radio stands for “Citizen’s Band” and is also governed by the FCC, but is quite different than Ham Radio.

We apologize to our readers for the confusion. All opinions in the below article are that of the author and not KHTS Radio/Hometown Station.

The original article with the apology at the top can be read at

Via Southgate: http://bit.ly/3semSxT

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