April 23, 2021

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Ham Operator On The Run For 44 Years Under Assumed Name Following Rape Conviction (Florida)


NOTE: QRZ lists a Gordon Ewen at the address listed in the article with the callsign N6GEH

CLEARWATER — One morning last November, neighbors on a narrow, tree-shaded loop called Chateau Drive glanced out their windows to see men with guns and tactical gear descending on a modest white house.

The homeowner at 1624 Chateau Drive was listed as Gordon D. Ewen. And when the cops confronted the man who emerged, he had a driver’s license bearing his likeness and a birth date in October 1940.

When they took his fingerprints, though, they matched someone else.

Douglas E. Bennett was a fugitive from Connecticut, on the run since 1976. He’d skipped town, prosecutors say, in the face of a long prison sentence for violent crimes he insisted he did not commit.

What he did in the 44 years that followed is as enigmatic as the man himself.

Read more – Tampa Bay Times: http://bit.ly/3vF2Gaq

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