February 24, 2024

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Spacewalkers vent coolant lines and mate cables outside space station

Struggling with balky electrical connectors, spacewalker Mike Hopkins managed to plug in and secure three of four thick power and data cables Saturday that are needed by a European experiment platform, leaving one cable for additional troubleshooting.

Hopkins and crewmate Victor Glover also vented residual ammonia coolant from two jumpers used to service the station’s thermal control system, stowing the hoses in different locations for future use if needed.

One jumper spewed more ammonia ice crystals than expected when it was vented to space, but the astronauts said their suits did not appear to be contaminated with any flakes that could be brought back into the station.

Glover replaced a wireless camera transceiver and attached a stiffener to a flexible thermal cover on the Quest airlock’s outer hatch. He complained of an unusual irritation that briefly caused his right eye to tear up, but said repeated blinking seemed to help.

Hopkins also reconfigured a HAM radio antenna on the European Columbus module that failed to work correctly after a recent upgrade and both spacewalkers began work to route two ethernet cables that eventually will be part of an expanded external wi-fi network.

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