February 24, 2024

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Couple picks up ham radios as productive hobby (Missouri)

It’s during times of crisis when we realize the importance of communication.

The bombing that shook Nashville on Christmas Day, damaged a key AT&T communication hub, knocking out internet and phone services across their region.

That’s just one instance when phone and internet services failed in an emergency. It’s for that reason, Massac County Amateur Radio Club President, Ruben Fuente, has added an extra means of communication to his emergency plan.

“It can be a hobby for a lot of people, or it can be a service that people are wanting to contribute towards.”

We all have our routine ways of receiving emergency alerts, whether it be via your cell phone, cable box, the internet, or a NOAA weather radio, but in the event of a catastrophe where none of those are options, do you have a way to receive and broadcast communications? If your answer’s no, you may want to do what this couple did, and get a ham radio.

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