July 13, 2024

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A century of service and signals: 100-year-old ham radio enthusiast, teacher marks milestone (North Carolina)

Dorothy McCracken, known to everyone as a great storyteller, still has a way with words even at 100 years old.

From connecting with students as a substitute teacher to reaching people across the seas via her ham radio, she has always had a gift for communication.

Reaching 100 years old is just another milestone in McCracken’s remarkable life. Her repertoire of monumental moments includes shaking hands with the pioneer of automobiles, learning Morse code, and even standing her ground with a black bear.

McCracken celebrated a century of life on June 29, and when asked about her favorite years, she said that she’s enjoyed her life as long as she’s lived.

Apart from healthy habits and eating grass fed meat and homegrown veggies from her garden, McCracken said there are a couple other keys to a long life.

“I think you just have to try to get outdoors a few minutes every day,” McCracken said. “And you have to be kind and nice to everybody. Everybody you meet, thank them for anything they do for you. You may not think it’s very much, but a little bit is better to thank somebody for.”

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