July 17, 2024

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via the RSGB: Changes to RSGB HF contests

The RSGB HF Contest Committee has introduced a couple of rules to address changes in licence conditions that came into effect from 21 February.

  1. UK&CD entrants are required to use a Regional Secondary Locator (RSL) where it is necessary to clarify the entity from which they are operating. From 21 February 2024, stations operating from England may optionally use the RSL “E”. If no RSL is used e.g. M0HDG, G6XX or GB4ABC, the station will be assumed to be in England. The use of a misleading RSL will disqualify the entry.
  2. UK&CD entrants may append their call sign with one of the following: /A (Alternative Address), /P (Temporary Location), /M (Mobile) or /MM (Maritime Mobile) and this will comprise part of the call with which they enter. Other suffixes used by UK&CD stations, whether or not they are entrants, will be removed in adjudication and need not be logged.

Power changes to specific contests

  • AFS 80/40 – 400W becomes maximum legal power (from 2025)
  • UK/EI DX – may be subject to change by the organising committee
  • RSGB Field Day Contests (SSB only) – 400W max becomes maximum legal power

Foundation Licensees

We are considering introducing a section for Foundation Licensees in some of our contests now that the power limit is increased to 25W. We can’t technically change the 80m CC series at this point, as it has already started. But if significant numbers of Foundation licensees enter 80m CC contests in the 100W section (running 25W) we will have good reason to run a trial Foundation 25W section in the Autumn series.

Rules for 2025

Prior to finalising the rules for 2025 we will consult widely on whether RSLs should remain mandatory in those of our contests for which the country in which the operator is situated has no bearing on the score.

Nick Totterdell G4FAL,
RSGB HF Contest Committee Chair