July 17, 2024

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Via the RAC: Update on Phishing attempts and Cybersecurity Tips

There have been several recent reports from RAC members of phishing attempts by someone purporting to be from Radio Amateurs of Canada.

Phishing attempts use publicly available information to fake legitimacy. In some cases they use the names and contact information of RAC officials to gain your trust.

For example, today’s phishing attempt falsely states that it originates from “Phil A McBride” and this is not the case.

It also uses the fake heading “Special Report from Radio Amateurs of Canada – 2/21/2024” to encourage users to open the document by clicking on a link. Please do not!

Important: Radio Amateurs of Canada will never ask you to provide a login and password in email communication.

RAC’s Cybersecurity Efforts

To date, there have been no direct successful attacks on the RAC computer system. Unfortunately attempts to defraud people through email messages and phone calls are a part of the world we live in today.

We will continue to take measures to ensure that our computer system is as safe as possible and that our members are provided with information.

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