July 15, 2024

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Satellite transmission power battle drags on after WRC-23

International regulators have left the door open to relaxing a cap on satellite transmission power in non-geostationary orbit as soon as 2027, NGSO operators say, even as their geostationary peers assert any change has been blocked until at least four years later.

A proposal to review Equivalent Power Flux Density (EPFD) limits affecting how strong NGSO signals should be to avoid disrupting satellites in geosynchronous orbit (GSO) was one of the most divisive issues at WRC-23, a quadrennial event for updating global spectrum rules that wrapped up Dec. 15 in Dubai. 

After weeks of intense treaty-level talks that pitted NGSO newcomers seeking greater power and capacity against more established GSO players concerned about increased interference, a compromise was reached: Technical EPFD studies can advance without regulatory consequences.

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