February 29, 2024

This Week in Amateur Radio

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via the RSGB: WRC-23 Days-7+8: Work goes on – and IARU Interview

Meetings continued on Tuesday and Wednesday on various items including 23cm, Radar Sounders and Space weather. Chairing the long and difficult meetings for AI-9.1b on 23cm has been Dale Hughes VK1DSH – no easy task.

Sitting in some other relevant agenda items also showed these were deeply challenging – on 3.3 & 10GHz for Mobile Broadband, and the organisation of AI-10, the all-important agenda for future 2027/31 Conference.

Predictably, AI-10 is massively oversubscribed, so in the background, a parallel activity by the heads of the Regional Telecom Organisations is seeking some agreement on the more likely ones to prioritise.