June 18, 2024

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via the RSGB: WRC-23 Day-6: 50MHz and 23cm

Week-2 of WRC-23 started with a 9am meeting of the AI-9.1b, 23cm topic, followed by 40-50MHz radar sounders.

The latest 23cm meeting considered a draft CEPT Resolution to incorporate/mandate the levels in new ITU Recommendation M.2164 to protect radio-navigation satellites (RNSS) in 1240-1300MHz. This predictably ran into some concerns from other regions. Alternatives on the draft resolution text, or potentially a regulatory footnote continued to be considered, but the Chair recognised things were going in circles. The lack of progress resulted in a frank report to the higher level working group later in the day. One more meeting is scheduled for Tuesday morning. The item is also resulting in fairly high attendances for an amateur radio topic.

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