February 29, 2024

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FCC Finds Collecting Pirate Radio Fines a Challenge

When the FCC earlier this fall imposed a gigantic $2.3 million fine on Radio Impacto 2 — the notorious unlicensed radio broadcaster in New York City — it gave the operators 30 days to pay the forfeiture.

Yet it is unclear, even though the deadline to pay has passed, whether or not the FCC collected a penny from Cesar Ayora and Luis Angel Ayora, the operators of Radio Impacto 2.

“We do not release non-public information about our ongoing investigations, which includes whether a forfeiture is paid or not,” said an FCC spokesperson.

This lack of clarity from the FCC is not new. Collecting pirate fines under the current rules — and previous ones — has always been a challenge for the agency. The commission has no authority to take action against individuals who ignore penalties. Instead, the FCC must rely on the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) to enforce the penalties in court. 

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