July 15, 2024

This Week in Amateur Radio

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WRC-23 finished its first week with all current agenda items underway and an early discussion on new ones for WRC27/31. Amateur interests have been cropping up on a wide front   – both 23cm and other bands from HF to mmWaves.

As previously reported, AI-9.1b on 1240-1300MHz has seen Recommendation ITU-R M.2164 released just beforehand. A third meeting on AI-9.1b on Friday (Day-5) was again nowhere near consensus, with CEPT again keen to turn the recommendation into a globally mandated measure. The latter is of considerable concern as it would leave no flexibility at national level, rather than the ‘guidance’ from the basic recommendation itself. A broader view held by some others is that 9.1x items are just intended for ITU-Reports etc and not meant to change the Radio Regulations treaty.

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