May 22, 2024

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via the RSGB: Taking amateur radio into schools – RSGB Convention presentation

As part of its commitment to outreach and the growth of amateur radio, the RSGB has released a presentation from its 2023 Convention, called Taking Amateur Radio into Schools.

Lyall Smith, GM4XID; Chris Leviston, M0KPW; and Simon Harris, G4WQG, share their experiences of inspiring school pupils to explore and have fun with amateur radio.

  • Lyall set up an amateur radio club in his school
  • Chris started an afterschool club at his daughter’s primary school
  • Simon, with the help of friends at his amateur radio club, created links with his son’s technical college that have snowballed to other schools in the area

The presentation shows how individual radio amateurs and clubs can make positive and productive links with schools and will give you tips and encouragement for getting involved with your local schools.