December 1, 2023

This Week in Amateur Radio

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via the RSGB: Introducing the RSGB WRC-23 Blog

Following four years of preparation, the ITU 2023 World Radio Conference (WRC-23) is at hand. RSGB is attending as part of the Ofcom UK delegation, whilst other volunteers are supporting IARU and other national delegations.

WRC-23 takes place over four weeks from Monday 20 November, to Friday 16 December at the World Trade Centre in Dubai – where even winter temperatures can be 30°C.

The top item of amateur radio interest is Agenda Item 9.1 Topic (b) regarding co-existence between amateur radio and the Radio Navigation Satellite Service (RNSS), such as Galileo, Compass & Glonass in the 1240-1300MHz frequency range. Other agenda items are also of concern, from HF/VHF, all the way to 240GHz and higher. Looking ahead, proposals from administrations include draft agenda items for WRC-27 and WRC-31.

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