May 27, 2024

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The Arrival Of 5G OTA Broadcast Signals Is Secured

The founder and Chief Executive Officer of a network operator for television stations offering a 5G broadcasting solution, which differs from ATSC 3.0-powered NEXTGEN TV, has confirmed the launch of the first offering for the general public to receive an over-the-air 5G broadcast signal on an SDR with downloadable software.

“SuperFrank” Copsidas, the veteran entrepreneur and low-power TV leader who created XGen Network LLC (XGN) , says the launch will be on Friday (10/13) at 11am Eastern.

According to Copsidas, the SDR software download gives SDR owners, most notably ham radio operators, the ability to receive the over-the-air 5G Broadcast signal of WWOO-LD 28 in Boston — provided they have the minimum system requirements as outlined by XGN and reside within the broadcast contour of the experimental station.

WWOO relocated to Boston from Westmoreland, N.H., under special temporary authority from the FCC for the purposes of the 5G Broadcast deployment by XGN.

Copsidas remarks, “This is another exciting first for the U.S. in the world of 5G broadcasting. While SDRs are a specialty, every new platform must start somewhere and this is just the start. This deployment is the first opportunity in the world for the general public to receive an over-the-air 5G broadcast signal to enjoy France 24 in English.”

It is the same SDR set up used for the proof of concept exactly one month ago, he adds.

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