December 11, 2023

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via HACKADAY: Blaupunkt Tube Radio is the Sultan of Radios

According to [M Caldeira], the Blaupunkt Sultan 24300 was one of the last tube radios made in the 1960s. He’s got one but it needed some tender loving care, and you can see how he approaches a restoration like this in the video below.

The radio was actually in better shape physically than most of the old radios we see. It wasn’t perfect, but it looked good on the outside. Electrically, though, it did need some work, and the dial had problems, too. The first obstacle was identifying exactly the model of the radio since there were a number of Sultan radios produced.

Armed with the correct model number, he could find the service documentation. The radio apparently was made for the international market because the service information was in both English and German. It also had a transformer you could configure for different line voltages.