September 23, 2023

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Neighborhood Radio Watch seen as way to strengthen emergency communications (Wyoming)

When all else fails, use a radio.

That was the message from members of the Buffalo Amateur Radio Klub when they spoke to the Johnson County Commission about their plan to start a neighborhood radio watch across Buffalo. The network could function as a second line of communications if cell phone or internet service went down, strengthening the county’s emergency response preparedness and ability to respond to crises big and small.

“We add redundancy,” explained Robert Garrison, the secretary of BARK, the Johnson County Amateur Radio Services Emergency Coordinator and an advocate for the neighborhood radio watch. “We can make announcements about a power outage or something that is going on. … Things like that can be broadcast to anyone with an FRS or GMRS radio tuned to the repeater frequency.”

The County Commission agreed to purchase the basic equipment for the county to get the radio watch started. Members of the club will also provide free training to community members interested in learning how to get on the network.

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