September 23, 2023

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MH370 location ‘revealed’ as radio technology ‘detects doomed plane’s final flight path’

The location of a missing Malaysia Airlines flight which disappeared after contact was lost in 2014 may have finally be revealed.

It is believed flight MH370 – which was carrying 239 passengers – could be found about 1,560km west of Perth, Australia, thanks to amateur radio technology. Weak Signal Propagation Reporter, or WSPR was used by researchers Richard Godfrey, Dr Hannes Coetzee and Professor Simon Maskell to track the Boeing 777’s flight path for six hours after contact was lost.

In a new 229-page report, the team say: “This technology has been developed over the past three years and the results represent credible new evidence. It aligns with analyses by Boeing … and drift analyses by University of Western Australia of debris recovered around the Indian Ocean.”

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