February 24, 2024

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Radio Shack

RadioShack’s New Owner Plots Old Comeback Strategy

RadioShack has been acquired by El Salvador-based Unicomer Group with a plan to overhaul its website and add new programs driven by its heritage in technological innovation for franchised operators.

Unicomer had become one of the largest independent RadioShack franchise owners in the world, acquiring the El Salvador franchise in 1998 and the rights to the RadioShack brands, intellectual property, and franchise agreements for all of Central America, South America, and the Caribbean in 2015.

Rudy Siman, president of RadioShack International and new businesses, franchises, and trade VP at Unicomer, told the Wall Street Journal that more than 500 new products will be added for sale online and be made available to U.S. dealers. Items will include “more end products than the stores have typically sold, focusing more on cellphone products, headphones, batteries and adapters, for instance.”

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