May 27, 2024

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Two men held in custody in connection with “radio-stop” rail incidents (Poland)

A court in Bialystok, on Tuesday, granted a request from the prosecutor and agreed to hold two men for three months for the broadcasting of unauthorised “radio-stop signals” and halting trains in north-western Poland.

On Sunday morning in the Podlaskie region, north-western Poland, trains were stopped due to the unauthorised use of “radio-stop” signals.

A few hours later two men aged 24 and 29 were arrested by police. Ham radio equipment was discovered in the home of one of the detained men. 

The press office of the District Court in the city of Bialystok, north-western Poland, told PAP on Tuesday that the evidence collected indicates that the suspects were responsible for the acts.

The two men, through the unauthorised use of the “radio-stop” signal, created situations which led to the belief that a threat to a large-scale loss of life was imminent, hence triggering responsive actions by the authorities to avert any possible danger. Such acts are punishable by six months to eight years in prison.

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