July 13, 2024

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‘Do you copy?’: Radio club communicates with Texas missile silo

Members of the Champlain Valley Amateur Radio Club gathered last weekend at the Atlas F Missile Silo in Champlain to make the first silo-to-silo radio contact there since the 1960s.

“The original goal was to just set up and test our equipment,” Matt Pray, CVARC Second Vice President, said.

“But it turns out, I found out about a group, through my friend, out in Texas who was doing a similar event at an Atlas F Missile site there, so we decided we were going to try and make contact.”


The group set up a 15-meter antenna suspended between two poles and utilized two custom-built radios operated by Pray and Mark Varin, president of the club, in effort to make contact with an operator at an Atlas site in Texas.

“We thought it would be a unique thing, not only to set up and test here, but this might be the first time there has been any silo-to-silo contact since the 60s,” Pray said.

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