December 3, 2023

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Parachute Mobile Ham Sets QSO Record, Unites Community

In an inspiring show of camaraderie, a tight-knit ham radio community of YouTubers rallied around Ranae Six (KR5SIX) on August 18th as she undertook a heart-stopping parachute jump on behalf of her husband Vern Six (KV5SIX). Vern, who had already completed an astounding 14 jumps prior in his life, found solace in the remarkable act performed by his wife.

Ranae was able to jump in tandem with the well-known parachute mobile ham operator KD9OLN, Carlos. You can find out more about KD9OLN on his YouTube channel, @lifeatterminalvelocity. KD9OLN agreed to the jump and assisted Ranae in completing this daring achievement.

Ranae was able to execute the jump with impeccable precision from 12,800 feet. This achievement has been recognized globally and showcases the power of unity and determination within the adventurous amateur radio community. What makes this achievement even more astonishing is that Ranae’s successful jump led her to become one of only five people worldwide to establish a QSO under such extreme circumstances. Her first of three contacts during the canopy 246 second descent was to her husband Vern (KV5SIX). Her accomplishment adds a new dimension to the world of skydiving adventures. In addition, Ranae’s fearless courage helped her make history by becoming the first woman to accomplish this feat in tandem. Her unwavering courage and dedication have not only broken barriers but also set a new standard for adventure enthusiasts and skydivers alike.

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