October 4, 2023

This Week in Amateur Radio

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Ham radio operators practise for the next emergency (Alberta)

The world became a little smaller late last month as the Central Alberta Amateur Radio Club (CAARC) held its annual Field Day at the Hillcrest Community Hall, at the corner of Township Road 342 and Range Road 22. 

From June 24 at noon to June 25 at noon, members of the club competed to make as many contacts as they could on a wide variety of radio frequencies. 

The goal was to do so without using regular power – utilizing portable generators or solar power instead. 

When the Albertan was there, contacts had been made as far east as Finland and as far south as Arizona. 

A forest of antennas of differing sizes and heights was set up and club members did their communicating in a nearby shelter. 

The idea of the challenge, held worldwide, was to prove the operators’ ability to communicate to others without relying on traditional power in case of an emergency. 

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