May 25, 2024

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FCC Pirate Radio Sweeps Turn to Miami

The FCC’s Enforcement Bureau has issued nine warnings to landowners and property managers in the Miami, Fla., area for apparently allowing illegal broadcasting from their properties.

The FCC may issue a fine upwards of $2 million if it determines that the accused parties continue to permit or engage in pirate radio activity.

The commission announced an increase to its maximum fines under the PIRATE Act — which became law more than three years ago and provides for much bigger penalties than in the past — in January. The FCC has since sent letter to property owners in New York, New Mexico, Oregon, Puerto RicoAlaskaMassachusetts, Washington, and, now, a clean sweep of the second biggest city in the Sunshine State.

The most recent batch of “Notices of Illegal Pirate Radio Broadcasting” sent on Friday, July 21, target properties identified by FCC Enforcement Bureau field agents as sources of pirate radio transmissions. These notices formally alert landowners and property managers of the illegal broadcasting activity occurring on their property and outline potential consequences. They also demand proof that the illegal broadcasting has since ceased on the property and request identification of the individual(s) who engaged in said broadcasting. Recipients of the notices have 10 days to respond.

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