July 13, 2024

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via HACKADAY: Russian Weather Satellite Reuses Name Yields Images

Which Russian weather satellite has the name Meteor 2? According to [saveitforparts], pretty much all of them. He showed how to grab images from an earlier satellite with the same name a while back. That satellite, though, met with some kind of disaster, so he’s posted a new video about reading data from the new Meteor 2 and you can watch it below.

The interesting part, we thought, was that the software he’s using, Raspberry-NOAA v2, doesn’t know about this incarnation of the bird which has only been up for a few weeks. That means he had to find a satellite with similar orbital parameters. Eventually, the program will have the setup for this satellite.

We marvel that computer technology is to the point that he can casually say, “I have another Linux computer up on the roof…” In addition to using Raspberry-NOAA, he acquires data from the pass directly with his SDR. Things didn’t go very well, but watching the steps he tries is instructive. He uses a variety of tools and finally gets a better result.