July 13, 2024

This Week in Amateur Radio

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Ham Radio at 10,000 Feet in the Air: Parachuting and Radio Adventures with Carlos / KD9OLN

In the thrilling world of amateur radio, enthusiasts like Carlos Felix Ortiz / KD9OLN are pushing the boundaries of the hobby to new heights—quite literally. Carlos combines his passions for parachuting and radio communication, creating one of the most unique ham radio broadcasts available. Why does he do it? Thrill seekers don’t answer why’s; they say, “Why not.”

Ham radio operators are not the niche club of communicators; at last survey, there are over three million licensed radio amateurs spread across the globe. In 2018, there were more than three million parachute jumps recorded.

Parachuting and radio communication might not seem like a natural fit, but Carlos makes the experience seamless using ICom’s IC705. There are reasons for his choice, which comes down to performance and safety.

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