October 4, 2023

This Week in Amateur Radio

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via HACKADAY: A Dusty Boat Anchor Back From The Brink

Many of us will have found dusty forgotten pieces of electronics and nursed them back to health, but we were captivated by [Don]’s tale of electronic revival. Instead of perhaps a forgotten computer or television, his barn find was a Heathkit linear amplifier for radio amateurs. In that huge box underneath an impressive layer of grime were a pair of huge tubes, along with all the power supply components to give them the 2 kV they need. It should have been good for a kilowatt when new, can it be made to go on air again?

Perhaps understandably with such an old device, after cleaning away the dust of ages he replaced the power supply circuitry with new parts and PCBs. A linear amplifier is surprisingly simple, but because of the voltages and power concerned there’s a need to treat its power circuits with respect. On first power-up the filaments work and the rails come up, so when given some RF drive it comes alive. Coupled with a case restoration you’d never know how dreadful a state it had been in.