December 2, 2020

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Group revives amateur radio in the CNMI


The Saipan Tribune reports on an amateur radio revival in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI)

The newspaper says:

A new group of modular radio enthusiasts have set out to revive amateur radio—or HAM radio—in the CNMI with the purpose of offering voluntary assistance to the community.

According to Cris Francisco Jr., president of the new Radio Amateur Marianas DX that was licensed back in September, the main goal of the club is to offer communication services, especially in times when phone lines become unreliable, such as after typhoons, or in staging large-scale events that demand instant communication, like triathlons.

The club, which currently has over 20 members, was inspired to revive HAM radio following Super Typhoon Yutu when phone lines were unreliable and power was off islandwide with exception of those who had generators.

Since the islands are prone to these disasters, Francisco said that having this kind of communication service could help a lot in getting people the assistance they might need, like aid from the American Red Cross and other organizations that offer humanitarian aid.

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Radio Amateur Marianas DX

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