June 18, 2024

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via the RSGB: 122GHz and HF propagation two further Convention presentations to watch

The RSGB has released two further Convention 2022 presentations.

In the first, Noel Matthews, G8GTZ provides an introduction to the challenges of operating on 122GHz and gives an overview of the VK3CV designed transverter boards which have put operation within the reach of amateurs without requiring advanced electronic and mechanical engineering skills. He tells the story of how he and Dave, G1EHF used the boards to work up from their first QSO over 2kms to breaking the UK record for 122GHz at 36.5kms. 

Secondly, in a presentation called “HF propagation – what do the numbers mean?” RSGB Propagation Studies Committee Chair Steve Nichols, G0KYA unravels what terms such as Solar flux index, SSN, A and K index, and Solar Wind Speed mean and explains how to find the best HF conditions.

Watch both on the RSGB YouTube channel.